Wednesday, February 27, 2008

She's Crafty

I am so thankful that I have rediscovered one of my passions. Crafting, sewing, painting, anything creative. Thanks to, a great DIY site, I have tons of inspiration. On that site I found out how to fuse plastic bags together to make a material that is super easy to sew. So far I have made a couple of bags out of the plastic bags! Here are some pictures. One is a test bag, its really small, good to carry shoes in to and from work. And another big one that can fit a bunch of stuff, but unfortuch I already ripped a hole in it from over stuffing it. I have to patch that up.

Here is the big and small bag together:
Here is the first bag I made, it's small.

Here is the big bag. I thought my saying was super clever and my response to those overpriced canvas bags that say "I'm not a plastic bag" :

Close up of the front of the bag:
And the back of the big bag:

I am also in the process of making a big bag with cute pleats in it to make it puffy that I used a big letter "A" from a gap bag, right on the front that I am going to give my mom. I just have to make handles for that and I will post pictures of those also.

So Thank YOU . It's such a wonderful site I love it. I am also trying to make a vest from a vest tutorial. I'll post pictures soon of that also. I need to sew on the buttons.
Also Things to be Thankful for:
1. Hump day
2. My vintage sewing machine
3. Friend may donate a old sewing maching to me!
4. Great friends
5. Bowling tonight
6. Went to the gym already today!
7. Delicious coconut rice, yum!
8. Sue is coming this weekend!
9. Gaving on Friday!
10. May get ot meet Gaving! My friend met him in Florida and he said he would hook us up! THanks!
11. I got tickets to Florida to see my fam! Justin is coming! Yeah!
12. Vegas trip!
13. Cocktail hour in one hour! Yeay!
Thank you thank you! I am so happy.